About Us

Smart Farming Solutions helps you control your business. Our products have been helping growers monitor, control and automate the processes of agriculture through modern Equipment and controller.


We make it our mission to help our customers be more effective and efficient by ensure they have the data to drive their business decisions. Knowing how much water to use during irrigation cycles is one of the most critical decisions made by growers. Being notified that a reservoir or well is near to overflowing by SMS can avert disaster.

Smart Farming Solutions is made up of a small dedicated experienced core of professionals who are all dedicated to providing technology which saves our customers money, improves their efficiency and protects our natural resources. For your Automated Control, Monitoring and Water Management, please contact with us.

Perfect solution

Do you need an automated control for your farm? We can help you build and program a system based on your needs.

How does it sound, if you can set once and forget through a touchscreen. It is now easy to monitor and control any devices.

We are leading provider of Automation Solutions for industrial and Agriculture Industry.

Reduce Costs & Increase Profits.

Get More Out Of  Available Water Supply.

Reduce The Amount Of Chemicals Used On Crops.

The cultivation process


Grow organic

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Harvest plan

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Seed planting

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Weggy care

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